CC Phoenix Edge RPM output

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Castle Creations Phoenix ESCs are equipped with RPM lead that is providing signal for the external governor. So you do not need to do anything else except connect the cables properly and turn off the internal Governor of the ESC.


1 Required modification

For usage with the Spirit units a small modification of the RPM cable is needed.

  • Move the White cable to the middle in the Servo connector.
  • You can do so with a needle easily.


Wire layout
White wire: RPM Output Signal (PIT pin)
Yellow wire: Throttle signal (AUX1 port)
Red wire: BEC Voltage (AUX1 port)
Brown wire: Ground (AUX1 port)


Connect the cables according the photo now.

2 Changing ESC settings

It is very important to change ESC mode so that internal Governor is disabled. This can be done by Castle Link software.

After this, you can enable Governor in the Spirit unit.

3 Governor Settings

In the Spirit Settings open the General - Throttle/Governor window and set the following:

  • Throttle Frequency: 60Hz.
  • Throttle Range - Min.: 1060 us.
  • Throttle Range - Max.: 1940 us.