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If you are sure that the unit is correctly configured, you are ready for your first flight.

We recommend to set Gyro Gain to 50% value for the first flight. This will set the Head-Lock gyro mode at a moderate gain.


  1. Turn on the transmitter and connect the battery to the model.
  2. Wait for the initialization, the swashplate jumps.
  3. Tilt the model, ensure the swashplate is compensating in the correct direction on all axes.
  4. Move the tail boom in any direction, the tail slider/rudder blades should compensate in the opposite direction.
  5. Check that input from the transmitter sticks moves the swashplate and tail in the correct directions.
  6. Place the model on a flat surface, use the transmitter sticks to level the swashplate if it isn't already, the tail slider should be approximately in the center of its travel range.

Warning.png If you encounter a problem or something appears wrong at this point, do not try to take off!


  1. Spool up the main rotor to the desired speed - we recommend to start with a slightly lower RPM.
  2. Slowly increase the collective pitch from zero.
  3. Try to steer the rudder and check whether it has sufficient gain and stop performance is good.
  4. If control is not very precise, slowly add cyclic and rudder gain as needed.


Once you have finished the first flight and you want to achieve the optimal settings, please check the Tuning Guide.