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1 The unit does not work after flashing

In case that your unit is not operating correctly after flashing process, you can use the following guide to make it work again.

Important question is, why it failed?

Possibilities are:
  1. You have used old software (version 1.2 and older) and flashed a wrong file.
  2. Connection between unit and computer is not stable (check the cables).
  3. Software issue (installed driver in your computer is not correct) or downloaded firmware had a ".man" extension instead of ".4df" [Most common].

If you are on Windows, please re-install the software with the option for Driver installation. Then it will install correct driver. Then reboot the PC.

If you are on Mac, use this driver: http://spirit-system.com/dl/driver/SiLabsUSBDriverDisk.dmg

Other drivers will very probably not work correctly - especially for the flashing process!

Prerequisities for the recovery process:
  1. Correct driver in your operating system.
  2. Status LED of the unit must flash for a short time during power up.
  3. Disconnect ELE/PIT/AIL cable from the unit (when PWM connection is used).

2 How to revive the unit

  1. Connect the USB interface to your PC and the unit (SYS port).
  2. Start the software. Select NO when prompted for Demo mode.
  3. Go to the Update tab and select firmware you want to flash (4df file extension).
  4. Press the Flash button (and then OK) - you should see "Recovery mode" label in the software.
  5. Power up the unit (from your BEC or a battery). Immediately after power up, flashing should start.
  6. In 20 seconds, unit should be operating again without any issue. Your settings are untouched.