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With F.PORT both channel transmission and telemetry data are carried in a single wire. This makes wiring much easier and additionally, transmission is faster due to improved protocol design.

The most old and new FrSky receivers have support for F.PORT protocol.

Channel transmission, telemetry and integration at the same time.

1 Updating receiver to F.PORT 1

First from all, updating receiver is required to make it work. Receiver must be flashed with F.Port firmware.

Please note, Spirit GT has support for F.PORT 1. F.PORT 2 protocol will be fully supported soon too.

ACCESS receivers are using F.PORT 2, ACCST receivers are offering F.PORT 1. Difference between F.PORT 1 and 2 is that with 1 generation you can't connect a telemetry sensors at the same time. With F.PORT 2 it is possible to connect everything together, similarly as with original S.PORT bus.

1.1 Downloading firmware

All firmwares can be downloaded from FrSky web pages here. For example, you can find firmware for R-XSR here:

It is important to download F.PORT firmware always to make it work.

1.2 Flashing firmware

1.2.1 With FrSky STK

Flashing can be done with a special USB dongle from FrSky called FrSky STK - S.PORT TOOL KIT.

Here you can find video how to perform the flashing process:

1.2.2 With radio

You can also flash receiver firmware through your radio. Please check the FrSky video here:

2 FrSky F.Port Wiring

Please connect stright cable between S.PORT and RUD port of the Spirit GT unit. S.PORT is used for F.PORT protocol after receiver firmware update.


3 Spirit Settings configuration

Once wiring is done, please set FrSky F.Port receiver type in the Spirit Settings. Then save the settings and repower the unit. From this moment everything should work.