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Warning.png This site is exclusive for GeoLink Testers only.

Warning.png In order to be an affiliated Tester, the prospective pilot must voluntarily sign and submit the GeoLink Testing and Collaborative Agreement as provided during the initial steps of pilot selection.

Warning.png No information must ever be shared to third parties during the entirety of Testing Phase which includes- but not limited to- verbal or electronic communication between Spirit System and the pilot, copies of the companion application, flight outcomes, logs, or pertinent data regarding progress of the Program without prior and approved permission from Spirit System. The only information that can be shared publicly without requiring prior approval are external photographs of the GeoLink module.

1 Goal

The primary aim of the GeoLink Testing Program is to find bugs in the currently available features of the GeoLink module, its Firmware and accompanying Desktop Application. Beyond its current form, no new feature is expected to be implemented at this stage of the process. Only minor additions and those which are deemed to be significantly helpful to the GeoLink module’s current functionality will ever be considered. Otherwise, it is to be reiterated that the GeoLink Testing Program’s main goal is to make the current feature set as stable as technically possible.

2 Download Section

This is the download section of both the Spirit Flybarless Unit desktop application and associated firmware of both the Flybarless Unit and the GeoLink module.

As a beta tester, every pilot is advised to regularly access this page for the latest available versions. Thus Spirit System will make every effort to provide those as they come out of the software development department.

Prior to first use, it is a requirement that both the Spirit Desktop application and firmware of the Spirit Flybarless Unit and GeoLink Module be updated to the latest available versions.

It must be noted that during the initial firmware update of the Spirit Flybarless Unit, all prior settings (including channels, limits, rates, direction etc) from the previous firmware version will be retained and no further adjustments on the Flybarless Unit is required. Simply put, this step is just a regular firmware upgrade of the Fylbarless Unit which is ready to function as is post-update and can be used with no further changes.

2.1 Spirit Flybarless Unit

Software: 2.5.0 [3.8.2018] - Windows OSX Linux

Firmware: 2.5.0 [4.8.2018] - DOWNLOAD

2.2 GeoLink Module

Firmware: 1.0-rc8 [18.7.2018] - DOWNLOAD

2.3 WifiLink Module

Wifi-Link: 2.5-rc2 [18.7.2018] - Windows OSX Linux

2.4 Android

Spirit Settings: 2.5-rc1 [19.7.2018] - DOWNLOAD

2.5 ChangeLog

All feature updates on the Spirit Flybarless firmware from Version 2.4.3 and onward can be accessed and reviewed in the Connection tab of Spirit Settings Application at the News.

All prior settings (including channels, limits, rates, direction etc) from previous firmware version will be retained post-update and no further adjustments on the Flybarless Unit is required.

3 Reporting of Findings

We wish that you will send all testing reports to email with subject GeoLink Testing - report.

It is enough to send reports describing a problem. But if everything is working correctly, you can share the experience too.

Report should contain:

  • Currently used firmware version from both Spirit FBL and GeoLink.
  • Information about your model.
  • What feature was tested.
  • Detailed report about how the feature worked (especially what was wrong).
  • Attached Spirit Settings Profile - 4ds file (optional)

If there is something wrong, please note at which flying time (minutes) the problem happened. And/or if the problem was happening from the beginning or only later with increasing flight time. The report should contain also what was done from the beginning of the flight as a possible problem could arise from such maneuvers/actions.

If reporting a problem it would be helpful to describe how to replicate the issue.

4 Questions

Please forward all inquiries to and use the subject line GeoLink Testing - Question.

5 Suggestions

At its current form, the GeoLink Module and its feature set is known to work adequately within the technical capability of Spirit System after years of research and development. However, all constructive suggestions are welcome specially if the information being provided is unique and can greatly contribute to the improvement of the GeoLink’s capabilities.

However, beyond its current form, no new feature is expected to be implemented at this stage of the process. Only minor additions and those which are deemed to be significantly helpful to the GeoLink module’s current functionality will ever be considered.

Please forward all suggestions to and use the subject line GeoLink Testing - Suggestion.

6 Benefits of Being Part of the GeoLink Testing Program

At the sole discretion of Spirit System, testers with significant contribution to the program are eligible to receive free Spirit System products.

7 Testing instructions

Prior to first flight using the GeoLink, install the module according to these INSTRUCTIONS.

7.1 Recommendations

  • To not perform testing of the features if you are not confident. Instead you can help with testing the software, translations and similar.
  • To test always only one feature at the same time.
  • To test all the features in a high altitude to avoid any possible damage from unexpected behavior.
  • To not fly too far so that model is well visible.
  • If some problem occurred, try to power up everything again and repeat the test to observe any difference.
  • In case of some odd behavior that could cause a potential failure never fly again until the problem is found.

7.2 Expected Duration of the Testing Program

The goal of this process is to find all shortcomings on the GeoLink and its accompanying firmware as much as technically possible and with the help of Testers around the globe. It is to be expected that the GeoLink module will only be released to the general public once these set goals are met.

8 Testing Progress

  • Logging:
 ISSUE: Random hang during saving of the flight logs - GeoLink flashing constantly after flight. STATUS: Solved in GeoLink firmware 1.0-rc7
 ISSUE: Logs are saved parially, few minutes of flight are missing. STATUS: Solved in GeoLink firmware 1.0-rc8
  • Geo-fence:
ISSUE: Helicopter is flying too far before stopped (Goblin 500). We need verification from other pilots.
  • Return to Home:
Firmware 2.5-rc3
CHANGES MADE: RTH position programming through GeoLink channel - better signal verification when programming.
CHANGES MADE: Improved precision after changing position of the model.
Firmware 2.5-rc8
CHANGES MADE: RTH position programming progress is now displayed by Collective Pitch movement.
Firmware 2.5-rc11
ISSUE: When Return to Home is engaged by GeoLink channel and Stabi/Function is configured as Rescue (Normal) then elevator is not stable. STATUS: Solved in Spirit firmware 2.5-rc12
  • Position Hold:
Firmware 2.5-rc3
CHANGES MADE: Support for F: Position Hold special function.
CHANGES MADE: Improved precision after changing position of the model.
  • Altitude Hold:
Firmware 2.5-rc2
TODO: Option to turn off collective pitch management, preventing inexperienced pilots from changing altitude.
Firmware 2.5-rc3
WARNING: If this feature was engaged by assigned channel, then after updating to 2.5-rc3 it is necessary to verify Channels window and the special function. It could be assigned to F: Position Hold instaed.
Firmware 2.5-rc8
CHANGES MADE: Support for two modes in which one can turn off Collective Pitch input from radio. This mode is activated by assigned channel for F: Altitude Hold as state (2). Function with state (1) is working as previously.
  • Altitude Limit:
Firmware 2.5-rc2
TODO: Soft deck + adaptive calculation for triggering the rescue dependent on descending speed. STATUS: Implemented in 2.5-rc3
REPORT: Altitude Limit - Maximum - While inverted the reaction seems to be inadequate. We need verification from other pilots.
Firmware 2.5-rc7
CHANGES MADE: Acceleration Velocity for Altitude Limit - Minimum accelerated triggering (above configured altitude).
Firmware 2.5-rc10
CHANGES MADE: Possibility to turn off lower limit.
WARNING: After flashing new firmware your minimum limit will reconfigured by one meter. Please change your settings for correct value.
Firmware 2.5.0
CHANGES MADE: Added compensation for inverted flight.
ISSUE: Altitude Low Limit triggering was not working properly except the first time after engaging the feature. STATUS: Resolved in 2.5.0
  • Spirit Settings software:
Software version 2.5-rc2
ISSUE: Random connection instability in GeoLink tab. STATUS: Resolved in 2.5-rc3
Software version 2.5-rc3
ISSUE: Software crashing on some computers during start up. STATUS: Resolved in 2.5-rc4
Software version 2.5-rc6
CHANGES MADE: Map rendering was switched to Google Maps, hybrid view.
CHANGES MADE: Increased map scaling factor.
CHANGES MADE: Object colors were changed for improved visibility.
NOTE: Original 2.5-rc6 version was replaced by the recent from 15.6.2018 to fix map visibility on a certain computers.
Software version 2.5-rc8
CHANGES MADE: Updated translations.
Software version 2.5-rc9
CHANGES MADE: Aid tab is displaying current status of each function (Active/Inactive).
Software version 2.5-rc11
ISSUE: Move to ISP button stopped to work after 1st July due to deprecated API.  STATUS: Resolved in 2.5-rc11
Software version 2.5-rc12
ISSUE: GeoLink features were displayed as Inactive when Rescue mode was triggered even when engaged by Stabi function.  STATUS: Resolved in 2.5-rc13
Software version 2.5-rc13
ISSUE: Flight Logs were saved and opened improperly under Windows.  STATUS: Resolved in 2.5-rc14
  • Compass Calibration:
GeoLink 1.0-rc4
CHANGES MADE: Simplified Compass Calibration procedure implemented.
GeoLink 1.0-rc6
CHANGES MADE: Implemented LED flashing on request by Spirit unit.
  • Miscellaneous:
Spirit firmware version 2.5-rc2
ISSUE: Motor is randomly spooling up during flashing procedure with Spirit unit only (when ESC is connected at the AUX port).  STATUS: Resolved in 2.5-rc3
ISSUE: Motor could run unstable dur  STATUS: Resolved in 2.5-rc3
ISSUE: Return to Home, Altitude Hold and Position Hold is not working always in Bank 1 and 2.  STATUS: Resolved in 2.5-rc3
Firmware 2.5-rc7
CHANGES MADE: New Correction Gains to optimize reactions from GeoLink features. Default value: 100%.
Firmware 2.5-rc8
CHANGES MADE: Correction Gains are changing required deflections to reach target destination faster.
CHANGES MADE: GeoLink will display when all functions are perfectly ready for usage by steady state LED. Before this happen, LED will be flashing to signalize module is fixed, but not ready yet.
Firmware 2.5-rc10
ISSUE: Rescue mode was unavailable when GeoLink module was disconnected but enabled in the Spirit Settings or when the module was not fixed. STATUS: Resolved in 2.5-rc10
ISSUE: Small Spirit units and Spektrum DSM2/X connection is causing occasional troubles with GeoLink connection stability. STATUS: Resolved in 2.5-rc10
Firmware 2.5-rc11
ISSUE: Rescue can't be engaged when GeoLink function is enabled and triggered by Stabi mode. STATUS: Resolved in 2.5-rc11
Firmware 2.5-rc12
ISSUE: GeoLink features were inaccessible with Stabi/Function set to a Stabilisation (activation by Stabi function). STATUS: Resolved in 2.5-rc13
Firmware 2.5-rc14
CHANGES MADE: When model is moving away from target destination new algorithm is checking if calculated Compass Heading is correct. In case that no, then model will return to the horizontal position and acquire new heading from Compass. Then engaged feature will continue in its operation.