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1 Precision

If you are encountering precision problem of a GeoLink feature, please read the following sections.

1.1 Drifting

If model is drifting after engaging Position Hold, Return to Home or GeoFence feature it is required to make sure that:

  • GeoLink Compass Calibration is performed correctly.
  • Stabilisation mode such as Stabilisation (Normal), Stabilisation (Acro), Coaxial is not drifting even after prolonged flight time.

1.1.1 Incorrect Compass Calibration

Incorrect Calibration can be distinguished with GeoLink Position Hold in the easiest way. We recommend to engage the feature in a safe altitude and then observe behavior of the model.

If model will start to make a circles then Compass Calibration is wrong. If even Calibration at the flying field will not help, the problem can be alternatively fixed by adjusting Compass Heading Correction parameter.

The model must stay stationary with no aileron/elevator movement when everything is correct.

If model will fly away more than 5 meters immediately disengage the feature and land. Proceed according following subsection.

1.1.2 Stabilisation drift

Please make sure that Stabilisation is working precisely prior usage of a GeoLink features. This is very important as GeoLink is based on the Stabilisation feature. We recommend to set Coaxial mode while GeoLink support can be disabled for testing.

You can fly with Coaxial mode, preferably for a longer time or at least near the end of the flight. Observe if model will not tilt to some side. Or that it is required to hold a sticks in order to stay stationary.

If yes, it is necessary to fix the problem. It can be fixed according following page: Imprecise Rescue or Stabilisation - Settings for the best performance section.

For GeoLink features to operate the most precisely Stabi Correction ON is the best option. Please note it is not possible to utilize this feature with all models - see the page above.

2 Failures

In case of a problem GeoLink will notify pilot by built-in Status LED. Any failure is signalized by flashing Status LED that is repeating periodically. If some issue occured after a crash then repair of the GeoLink is required.

LED flashing may show up immediately after power up. By number of LED blinks in series you can determine which problem is present.

2.1 1x blink

Stored hardware data in GeoLink were lost. Contacting Spirit System support is necessary.

2.2 2x blink

Pressure sensor is not operating correctly. Usually this problem occur when GeoLink is operated for prolonged time under extremely high humidity conditions. Store GeoLink in low humidity environment for few hours until internal condensate will evaporate. If this will not help contact Spirit System support.

2.3 3x blink

Gyro, accelerometer sensors are not operating correctly. Contacting Spirit System support is necessary.

2.4 4x blink

Compass sensor is not operating correctly. Contacting Spirit System support is necessary.

2.5 Constant blinking

This might happen rather in-flight and could signalize unexpected failure. Most probable reason is shock by high electrostatic discharge. This will result in the GeoLink connection is broken event and loss of GeoLink functionality from the moment it will occur. Please make sure that there are no excess electrostatic discharges - check ground continuity between motor and tail boom. You can also try to turn off GeoLink logging feature.

If you can't resolve this problem, we also recommend to Clear flight logs.

we recommend also to turn off GeoLink Logging feature first. GeoLink will not access to the FLASH memory and will be more immune to the static discharges.

Updating to the latest Spirit and GeoLink firmware is always recommended as precaution to any problem.

3 Other notifications

In case that GeoLink is flashing and pilot can't access it through Spirit Settings then the following can be the reason.

3.1 Calibration process

If you can see 3 series of fast flashing (followed by fast erratic blinks) after power up of the GeoLink then the module is in so called Calibration process. This process can be invoked by pilot through the Spirit Settings software and must be finished according instructions. Until finished the GeoLink will be inoperable. Spirit Settings will display Not connected message until the calibration is finished.