GeoLink Troubleshooting

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In case of a problem GeoLink will notify pilot by built-in Status LED. Any failure is signalized by flashing Status LED that is repeating periodically. If some issue occured after a crash then repair of the GeoLink is required.

LED flashing may show up immediately after power up. By number of LED blinks in series you can determine which problem is present.

1 Failures

1.1 1x blink

Stored hardware data in GeoLink were lost. Contacting Spirit System support is necessary.

1.2 2x blink

Pressure sensor is not operating correctly. Usually this problem occur when GeoLink is operated for prolonged time under extremely high humidity conditions. Store GeoLink in low humidity environment for few hours until internal condensate will evaporate. If this will not help contact Spirit System support.

1.3 3x blink

Gyro, accelerometer sensors are not operating correctly. Contacting Spirit System support is necessary.

1.4 4x blink

Compass sensor is not operating correctly. Contacting Spirit System support is necessary.

1.5 Constant blinking

This might happen rather in-flight and could signalize unexpected failure. Most probable reason is shock by high electrostatic discharge. This will result in the GeoLink connection is broken event and loss of GeoLink functionality from the moment it will occur.

2 Other notifications

In case that GeoLink is flashing and pilot can't access it through Spirit Settings then the following can be the reason.

2.1 Calibration process

If you can see 3 series of fast flashing (followed by fast erratic blinks) after power up of the GeoLink then the module is in so called Calibration process. This process can be invoked by pilot through Spirit Settings and must be finished according instructions. Until finished the GeoLink will be inoperable.