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Rettung/Stabilisierung ist ungenau:

What to do if your Rescue or Stabilisation modes are not precise?
  1. Very important is to check, whether the Position and the Swashplate parameters are configured correctly. If not, these modes can't operate properly. Sometimes, when you are doing some tweaks in the settings, then piro optimization direction may change because of these modifications. Make sure that in the Diagnostic tab all directions correspond with real stick movement.
  2. Check if the unit is aligned in all 3 axes. Alignment error should be approx. in 1° range or less. You should mount the unit precisely in respect to the helicopter' frame. Use only one provided adhesive tape. The unit should not flex or move in any way - mounting should be rock solid.
  3. Rescue and Stabilisation can work in nearly any condition. But in case that your Vibrations are exceptionally high it can't be guaranteed. You can check vibrations with Spectral Analysis in the software, especially Y - Aileron axis, where there are mostly the highest.
  4. Helicopter was tilted during initialization or after initialization (it was on the side or upside down for a while). If you move with helicopter after initialization, make sure that the swashplate is level and collective is going up when the rescue is engaged.

If any of these requirements are not met, then you can observe with increasing flight time bigger error/imprecision. So in the start all will be OK, but at the end of the flight it may be worse.

Info.png The easiest test for checking the rescue is to fly the helicopter in very normal way (your style). Then, immediatelly after the flight while rotor is not spinning anymore, you can activate the bailout/stabilisation. If you can see that swashplate is in the horizontal position and helicopter too, then it should work correctly anytime during the flight as well. This is very safe method for checking the operation.