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Spirit is a device for stabilizing R/C models such as flybarless helicopters. Spirit features include electronic paddle simulation, vibration logging, support for various Tx/Rx types and a rudder gyro for those who want to continue using a mechanical flybar.

Thanks to flybarless mechanics, the system improves the efficiency and maneuverability of the helicopter and it's stability while also extending flight times.

Flight characteristics are easily customizable according to your preferences, from stable flight for beginners to demanding acrobatics with maximum agility for experts.

Because the Spirit uses the most advanced technology, the model can be controlled very precisely even under harsh conditions such as strong winds while maintaining a constant pirouette.

This user guide will help you to properly mount the unit on a model and to carry out the step by step configuration to prepare your model for its first flight.

The Spirit Settings software comes with an interactive setup wizard which will navigate you through the whole process. One can even try out a demonstration mode to discover all possibilities. The user guide and the software complement each other.

Please check our website; for downloading the latest firmware and software.

You can also raise any questions in our forum.