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Normal Mode is rudder gyro function in which it compensate a movement in the yaw axis. This mode is often called Rate mode. Unlike the Head-Lock mode, Normal mode does not hold the yaw position exactly. This mean that the rudder can be a drifting.

1 Drifting

When hovering, drifting should not occur if the rudder mechanics has correctly configured neutral position. But in case of a wind, the drift can occur. This mode is suitable only for forward flight.

2 Activation

To activate this mode set the Gyro Gain to a negative value. To be sure that the mode is active, open the Diagnostic tab. Gyro Bar should display Normal when Normal mode is active. This mode can work only when Stabi/Function parameter is set to Disabled.

3 Usage

If you want to set the rudder mechanic precisely, we recommend to use this mode. Simply activate the mode during hovering and observe if there is any drift. If there is a drift, then it mean that the rudder neutral position is not configured well. Try to change push rod length of the rudder control mechanics to compensate this drift. This configuration can greatly improve performance of the rudder including stopping behavior.