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Problem description Solution
Swashplate or tail drifts after initialization Check trims and subtrims. Sticks in neutral position must be 0%, see the Diagnostics tab. Increase Stick deadband in Advanced tab.
Rudder or cyclic is not precise Increase cyclic gain and/or increase the gyro gain in the transmitter. Add exponential in the transmitter.
Aggressive cyclic pitch movement or fast forward flight leads to rapid, large tail oscillations Decrease pirouette consistency in the Advanced tab gradually by 10 until this disappears. Check the tail mechanics for binding.
Model oscillates in elevator or aileron axes Decrease cyclic gain in Sensor tab.
Tail oscillates rapidly Decrease gyro gain in the transmitter.
Flips and rolls are too slow or too fast Increase/decrease rotation speed for Cyclic in the Sensor tab.
Pirouette is too slow/fast Increase/decrease rotation speed for Rudder in the Sensor tab.
Servos jitter randomly without external influences Check the cable connection between the receiver and the unit.
During stationary pirouettes model drifts Check the Subtrim configuration in the Servos tab. It seems to be inprecise.
Aggressive elevator stick movement leads to bouncing Increase elevator filter in Advanced tab and/or decrease cyclic feed forward in Advanced tab.
Cyclic feel is delayed or disconnected Increase cyclic feed forward in Advanced tab.
Elevator servo is not moving when initialization is finished Flight log from the previous flight was saved. View the log in the Diagnostic tab and fix reported problem.
Swashplate is jumping in a cycle when initialization is finished The unit was started with the Rescue mode engaged. Turn off the rescue from your transmitter.
Rudder stop is not equal for both sides Check rudder servo center position, rudder mechanics. You can also try to lower rudder limit for the side where bounce-back occur.
Positive and negative collective pitch is unequal Enable Servos/Subtrim (tuning) and verify that servo arms are perpendicular, swashplate perfectly leveled and there is 0° between main blades. If yes, use the Servo Travel Correction.
Castle ESC is not arming Set General - Throttle/Governor - Throttle Range Min. to 1060µs and Max. to 1940µs.
RPM readout is not correct with the ESC Telemetry Temporarily enable General - Throttle/Governor - Governor and set Sensing Divider and Gear Ratio. Then turn the Governor off if governor from ESC is used.