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Power supply: 3.3V - 15V
Weight: 7g
Dimension: 21x32x5.5mm
Operating range: up to 50 meters
Modes: AP, AP+Client, Client
Standard: 802.11b/g/n
Encryption: Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2
Configuration: Web Interface
Power consumption: 80 – 350mA

Supported devices:

  • Android (available on the Google Play)
  • All smartphones, tablets, smart TV with Web Browser
  • PC
  • Mac

Support for Firmware Updates.
Web based Spirit Settings app in the module!


Example: Wiring photo

Wire Meaning
VCC Positive powering lead: 3.3V – 15V
GND Ground powering lead
RX Communication lead; SYS port
TX Communication lead; SYS port

Info.png TX wire must be always closer to the SYS label. RX wire must be always in the center pin of the SYS port.
VCC and GND can be connected to any port, except ELE/PIT/AIL and SYS. It can be connected to a receiver port too. If powered from a separate battery, GND must be connected with the unit's power source.

Warning.png Do not connect communication cable to the power supply! It can be connected only to the SYS port.


Spirit Wifi-Link offers you user friendly configuration from any device that support WiFi connection and web browser.

To open it, you can proceed in this way:

  1. Connect to the Wifi module.
    Default SSID (Wifi site name): Spirit Wifi-Link.
    The module is by default in the Acess Point mode.
    You can connect to the AP directly in a normal way.
    After connection, your device will get IP address automaticaly.
  2. Open your web browser.
    Usually any modern web browser with JavaScript support can be used.
  3. Enter the module with this address:
    By entering „“ you will get into the configuration.Here you can change any parameter including changing SSID,password or wireless mode.

With the latest module firmware Spirit Settings is available directly from your web browser!


Info.png For beginners, we recommend default settings.

AP+Client Mode (For experienced users only)

Module is able to connect to an existing WiFi station (e.g. your home site). By entering the configuration interface, you can set the AP+Client mode. In this mode you can find your network and connect to it. In this way, module can be accessed from any device, that is connected to your WiFi site, even via an ethernet cable.
If you are connected to an existing WiFi station, the module will receive second IP address. You can find such IP address in the configuration interface.
You can connect to the interface from the second IP address when accessing from your network. You can also access the internet or module at the same time.

Connecting to an existing network

  1. Connect to the Spirit Wifi-Link.
  2. Enter the WiFi Client section in the web interface.
  3. Click the „Switch to AP+Client mode“ (if not already).
  4. Wait a few seconds to display all available Wi-Fi networks.
  5. In the WiFi Association select Wi-Fi network you want to connect.
  6. Enter password of the Wi-Fi network (if required).
  7. Click the Connect button and wait for the success notification.
  8. Remember the address that will appear in the „WiFi address“ entry – this IP address should be used to connect the module through the network you are connected to.


When Spirit unit with the module are running, you can proceed with the following steps:

Web Browser - iOS, WP, Sailfish OS, PC, Mac, ...

  1. Go to the Settings/Wi-Fi in the system, search for a new networks.
  2. Connect to the „Spirit Wifi-Link ...“ network.
  3. Enter the module with this address:
  4. Click the Spirit Settings in the Menu of the Wifi-Link interface

The best experience with Chrome, Firefox, Safari web browsers.

Native Android app

  1. Download the latest „Spirit Settings“ app from the Google Play.
  2. Go to the Settings/Wi-Fi in the Android, search for a new networks.
  3. Connect to the „Spirit Wifi-Link ...“ network.
  4. Open the Spirit Settings app.
  5. Go to the Connection and select WIFI device.
  6. Click the Connect button and you are ready

Native PC & Mac app

  1. Download and install the Spirit Settings software from Spirit System web page. Required version is at least 2.0.2.
  2. Go to the Wi-Fi settings in the system, search for a new networks.
  3. Connect to the „Spirit Wifi-Link ...“ network.
  4. Start the Spirit Settings app in the Demo mode
  5. Press CTRL+W to open Wifi-Link window and confirm the IP.
  6. Close and start the app again – connection should work now.