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OpenTX 2.2 is oficially released now - if you are running older, please download the update.

To allow the OpenTX Integration it is required to install the version 2.2. Previous version does not support bi-directional S.Port communication that is used for the integration.

Warning.png Before doing any changes, please Backup all your transmitter profiles and the SD Card content.

Info.png We recommend to check the OpenTX page prior the upgrade.

1 SD Card

First you can download the new SD Card content for your transmitter. Extract the archive and move the content to your SD Card.

2 Companion

Please download the latest Companion 2.2 software to your PC:

3 Update

Install the Companion software as you are used to do now.

When you start the program, you will see the Popup window with notification about the new firmware. Click Yes to download and save the firmware to your computer.


4 Flashing

Now there are two ways you can flash the firmware:

  • By Companion software
  • By built-in bootloader

You should select the method which you are familiar with. In some cases one method can work, while other not depending on the bootloader. If the radio you will not work after the upgrade, it is still possible to fix it.

4.1 With Companion software

If you do not use a built-in bootloader, please use this method. After download of the Firmware, just select that you want to Flash it now. Before this step, your transmitter must be connected to the PC.

4.2 With Built-in bootloader

Copy the Firmware (BIN file) to the SD Card directory called "Firmwares". Then plug the card back to the transmitter and/or turn it off and unplug the USB cable (if connected).

To enter the bootloader, press and hold two Trims (for Aileron stick and Rudder stick) so that you will push them to the center. At the same time turn on the Transmitter. Transmitter will boot up in the special bootloader mode where you can perform the Firmware Upgrade without need of the computer. This mode should be always accessible so in any problem, you can still flash the old firmware.

In the menu, please select the Firmware Write option. You can also check this YouTube Video.

Now you can restart the transmitter and everything should work.

4.3 Troubleshooting

  • In case that you will see a Blank screen after the upgrade, please try a different Flashing method.
  • If you will see the OpenTX logo but there it will freeze, something is wrong with your SD Card content. Probably there is still a content from older version.

5 Radio Profile

We have prepared example EEPE/OTX profile for your radio. You can load this profile with the Companion software. It is fully prepared for the Spirit including Rescue mode so it can work just plug and play.

Download EEPE profile for Taranis X9D/X9D+.

Download OTX profile for Taranis Q X7.

Download OTX profile for Horus.

You do not have to use it, but it can make it much easier.