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Spirit RS and Spirit GTR are stabilisation systems for R/C aircrafts featuring control unit and receiver in one extraordinary packageǃ

It combines the best available technologies from both worlds to offer cutting edge experience.

In other words, Spirit RS consists from Spirit 2 hardware and JETI Duplex receiver.

While Spirit GTR consists from Spirit GT hardware and JETI Duplex receiver.

Control part [RS]

  • 12-axis Sensor Fusion
  • Performance-line ARM processor

Control part [GTR]

  • 20-bit IMU Sensor
  • Performance-line ARM F7 processor
  • Precise pressure sensor for Altitude measurement
  • Dedicated Memory Chip for detailed logging

Receiver part

  • JETI Duplex 2.4Ghz full-range telemetry receiver

To ensure pilot can operate model reliably and safely with the highest standard in R/C industry, all DUPLEX radios can be easily bound.

For our pilots we offer the latest JETI model DS-12, that is 16 channel radio, tailored specially for Spirit RS and GTR units.

Following pages are covering complete setup of your radio and unit to prepare everything for the first flight.



1 Spiritrs-prep.png Preparation

2 Spiritrs-mounting.png Mounting

3 Spiritrs-wiring.png Wiring

4 Spiritrs-binding.png Binding

5 Spiritrs-setup.png Setup