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Spirit units have full support for FrSky EthOS radio system. You can configure Spirit units directly from radio and also view telemetry values.

1 Requirements

You will need microSpirit, Spirit Pro, Spirit 2 or Spirit GT together with FrSky receiver that has F.Port or F.Bus protocol support.

2 Setup

Download integration scripts from our web page or this LINK (version 3.7.0).

Extract downloaded ZIP file and copy whole directory "spirit" to "scripts" to SD Card of your radio. Then (re)power the radio and from then you will see Spirit icon in the Settings menu.


3 Usage

You can start the Spirit integration at any moment from second page of the Configuration menu.

The integration scripts should work with all EthOS radios. With F.Port and F.BUS connection integration will work faster and is highly recommended.

Do not forget to save any changes in the settings by clicking Save Settings in the integration menu.

Ethos-3.png Ethos-4.png

Ethos-5.png Ethos-6.png

Ethos-7.png Ethos-8.png

3.1 Closing the menu

Please make sure to exit the integration with Close Menu before flying - Status LED should be steady On before a flight.