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1 Installation

1. Download the Spirit Settings software from from http://spirit-system.com web page. At the web page click the Download (upper side) and then click at the Windows logo. This will start downloading the software.


2. Once file is downloaded, open the Downloads directory in your computer and execute the Spirit Settings installer.


3. Proceed through the installation process.


4. Tick the USB interface driver option (required just for the first time)


5. Install the driver.


6. Finish the installation.


2 Usage

Whenever you need, start the app by clicking the Spirit Settings icon from your desktop. The USB interface must be plugged in your computer before starting. If everything is OK, you will see a Device in the Connection tab. There is a chance you might see other COM ports that are assigned to another devices too, but this is not a problem.

If launching for the first time, you will be prompted whether to start the Setup Wizard. In case you have never configured your Spirit unit earlier, click Yes and proceed according the instructions. In any way, you can launch the Setup Wizard anytime later too.

The following window can be seen in the Classic setup mode - when the Setup Wizard is not running.


Info.png The Device must always contain at least one entry (COM port). This is assigned by operating system for the USB interface. The COM port ID can vary on each computer. It can be seen in the Device manager under COMs & LPTs section as Silicon Labs CP210x device.

3 Troubleshooting

3.1 Scanning devices message

If you can see Scanning devices message with no change over more than 10 seconds reboot your computer and turn off the Bluetooth module (if enabled on your computer). Then start the Spirit Settings again - this time it should continue correctly.


3.2 Missing COM port

If you can't see any COM port in the Spirit Settings it mean you have to install the USB interface driver or it was installed improperly. Please reinstall the Spirit Settings as described in the Installation procedure above. Do not forget to tick the USB interface driver installation. After installation you may need to reboot your computer.

To make sure your USB interface will work properly, please right click at the Computer and open Device Manager. There you can open COMs & LPTs section which must contain Silicon Labs CP210x device. Device name must contain assigned COM port.

If you will see a warning icon for this device it mean the currently installed driver is not compatible or the computer is still installing the driver. After rebooting computer it should work correctly.

If the device is not present at all, the Spirit Settings will not recognize it too. Please try connecting the USB interface to a different USB port and observe if Red LED light on the USB interface is On. Please note, that the COM port must be present in the computer even if the other end of the interface cable is not plugged to any port and/or Spirit unit is not powered.