Updating Spirit unit

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Spirit unit can be updated easily in the Spirit Settings software 3.3 and newer.

Please download and install the latest Spirit Settings software from Spirit System Download section first.

1 Updating process

  1. Start the Spirit unit normally - all servos, battery, ESC can remain plugged in as usually.
  2. Launch the Spirit Settings software - a dialog window about version mismatch can popup.
  3. Go to the Update tab. If you can't see Update tab, please enlarge the app window or press F10.
  4. You can select which firmware should be downloaded from the Firmware List. By default the latest one is selected.
  5. Press the Flash button.
  6. Flashing should start immediately and should not take more than one minute.
  7. After flashing you can wait until unit will boot up, close the software and open it again.


2 In case of a problem

If flashing will not start or fail for whatever reason, you can perform Recovery process. In that case please proceed according Flashing Failed page.