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From version 2.3 the Spirit units support full integration with the Graupner HoTT transmitters. This mean that you can configure the Spirit units completely from your radio without need of a computer.

The integration can work with all HoTT receivers and radios except MZ-4 and MZ-8.

1 Wiring

To allow the integration you have to connect additional cable to your current setup. This cable will connect the Telemetry port of the receiver with the SYS port of the unit. So there should be two connections between unit and receiver for:

  • Channel transmission (PWM, PPM or SUMD)
  • Telemetry and Integration data

Use the Hott Integration cable available in our eshop. Connect it according the following steps:

  1. End with black servo connector should be connected to the receiver on the Telemetry port marked with T label.
  2. End with red servo connector should be connected to the SYS port.


Warning.png It is very important to pay attention during the connection!
If connected wrongly, it will damage the unit permanently. The cable end where red wire is in the middle pin must be always connected to the unit. Never use other cables for this connection!


Info.png Servo connector in the Graupner Hott receivers is connected so that the signal wire is at the bottom.

2 Receiver configuration

Make sure that your Receiver has enabled Telemetry output. This port is deactivated in the Factory defaults.

In your transmitter, go to the Function (F)/Telemetry/Setting & Data View where you have to change option SENSOR at CHx to YES.


3 Entering the menu

To enter the Menu you have to enter Function (F)/Telemetry/Setting & Data View. The unit is emulating General Air Module sensor by default. So in the Menu you have to see, that the GENE (General) is active. Then you have to press the GENE (General) button (MZ series) to switch to this sensor type - transmitter will start to listen responses from the Spirit unit. If you are using HoTT MX series transmitter, you have to change sensor type with the arrows on the left side to General.

Then use the ENT button (MZ series) or right arrow on the right side (MX series) to reach the SPIRIT SYSTEM page.

Graupner MZ-18 - Integration menu
Graupner MZ-18 - General page

4 Sensor Emulation

In case that you are already using General Air Module module, you can change it to another in the integration menu. In the Advanced/Expert settings/HoTT Sensor you can change the module emulation.

Available types are:

  • GAM - General Air Module
  • EAM - Electric Air Module

5 Telemetry data

With this connection the Spirit will not only offer the Integration, but also a various telemetry data. These data can be displayed on your main screen and even logged during flight.

With the Spirit firmware 2.4 you are able to view:

  • RPM [RPM] - Current RPM from the Governor.
  • Fuel [%] - Vibration level (Reported as Fuel and ALT in the GAM sensor)
  • BAT1 [V] - Main Battery Voltage
  • Current [A] - Main Battery Current
  • Capacity [mAh] - Main Battery Consumed Capacity
  • BAT2 [V] - BEC Voltage
  • T1 [°C] - ESC Temperature

To view the values you only have to switch Telemetry data source to General.

6 Usage

Whenever you want to configure a parameter, go to the Function (F)/Telemetry/Setting & Data View, select emulated sensor and move to the SPIRIT SYSTEM page. There the Menu Layout is nearly identical with the PC software to have easy navigation.

It is working in the same way as when the PC software is connected. This mean that when HoTT integration menu is opened, you can change even the basic parameters that could affect the helicopter significantly.

Warning.png Never perform the configuration when flying!

When using the Bank Switching or Real-Time tuning features the menu will take full control over it. The unit will not react to a Switch position changes. For the Bank Switching there is a parameter Bank where you can switch between banks. Before switching save the settings.

Info.png Do not forget to click the Save Settings when you want to save the changes permanently.

Info.png Before flying press the ESC button to exit the integration menu.

Enjoy the integration!