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The ESC telemetry is feature that allows you to display data from your Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) directly in the transmitter. Depending on transmitter capabilities you can Log the values and use them for a various purposes.

The ESC telemetry is mediated through the Spirit units (firmware v2.4+) as these are able to read the data and communicate with both receiver and ESC at the same time.

1 List of supported Radios

Info.png These radios support full integration/telemetry as well.

2 List of supported ESCs

3 Interfacing

To find how to make it work, please follow the page of the ESCs above.

4 Telemetry data

Available Telemetry variables are dependent on used ESC and Radio. Please refer to the section Supported models in particular page of the ESC.

Spirit firmware v2.4 supports up to 7 telemetry variables displayed at the single time. Future updates will extend such possibilities.

  • Battery Voltage [V]
  • Battery Current [A]
  • BEC Voltage [V] - provided by ESC Telemetry or Receiver.
  • Consumed Capacity [mAh] - Battery Capacity consumed from the initialization point.
  • ESC Temperature [°C] - Usually temperature of the FET transistors.
  • Head Speed [RPM] - provided by RPM sensor or ESC. (also with ESC Telemetry disabled)
  • Vibration Level [%] - provided by unit itself. (also with ESC Telemetry disabled)