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Castle Creations ESC has feature called Link Live. This allows bi-directional data transmission over the Throttle cable. To allow the ESC telemetry, it is necessary to enable this feature first. It is disabled by default. Once enabled, it is required that a device which is sending Throttle data (Spirit unit) has enabled support for this tranmission too. In other case Throttle signal will be ignored.

1 ESC configuration

With usage of the Castle Link interface, please start the Castle Link software to open the configuration settings of your ESC. There you have to enable Link-Live feature.


2 Telemetry Cable

To allow the telemetry data transmission Telem CC cable is required. This cable is available in our Eshop.


For Experts: Alternatively you can modify your current Throttle cable by adding 10kOhm resistor between white (signal) and red (+) wires. In this case the Telemetry cable is not required.

Info.png In case you will notice unstable readings at higher BEC voltage (7V+) it is needed to change resistor inside the cable. Please contact us in this case..

3 Interfacing

Connect the Telemetry cable to the AUX(1) port in the Spirit unit, where you normally connect the Throttle cable of the ESC. For Spirit RS and Spirit GTR it is THR port. Connect the Throttle cable to the end of the Telem CC cable.

4 Spirit Settings

4.1 Throttle Assignment

Once cable is connected, it is absolutely necessary to assign the Throttle (if not assigned yet).

Power up the ESC and start the Spirit Settings as usually.

Go to the General/Channels and assign a channel to the Throttle.


4.2 Telemetry activation

As the last step you have to set the ESC Telemetry in the Spirit Settings software.

Go to the Advanced/Telemetry settings and set the Castle Creations Phoenix & Talon option.


Then close the window and save the settings (CTRL+S). Finally, reconnect battery from the ESC.

From this moment, everything should work.

5 Displaying telemetry data

You can display telemetry data directly in your radio from now.

How to display the data is described in the integration guides:

Info.png Castle ESC can transmit Current and Consumed Capacity only when there is a load. Without main blades it will show zero value..

6 Supported models


Battery Voltage

Battery Current

BEC Voltage

Consumed Capacity

ESC Temperature


Phoenix Edge 50
Phoenix Edge 75
Phoenix Edge 100
Phoenix Edge 130
Phoenix Edge HV 40
Phoenix Edge HV 80
Phoenix Edge HV 120
Phoenix Edge HV 160
Phoenix Edge HVF 160
Phoenix Edge Lite 50
Phoenix Edge Lite 75
Phoenix Edge Lite 100
Phoenix Edge Lite 130
Phoenix Edge Lite HV 40
Phoenix Edge Lite HV 80
Phoenix Edge Lite HV 120
Phoenix Edge Lite HV 160
Phoenix Talon 15 x x
Phoenix Talon 25 x x
Phoenix Talon 35 x x
Phoenix Talon 90 x x
Phoenix Talon HV 120 x x

Info.png Consumed Capacity is calculated from the Current Consumption.